Birth Support

Not only do we support you during your entire labor and birth, our birth doulas work with you throughout your pregnancy to help you feel prepared and connected to your birth.

Postpartum Support

From light chores to assistance with feeding your baby, our postpartum doulas will support you and connect with you for as long as you need. Relax, bond with your baby, and take care of your body – we’ll do the rest.

Placenta Services

Worried about a difficult postpartum transition? Placenta supplements have been known to dramatically improve a mother’s overall mood, breast milk supply and energy levels. Plus, it’s organic!

Childbirth Classes

Put your best foot forward with our personalized, in-home childbirth classes. Whether you’re birthing at the hospital or in your bedroom, our classes will cover all of your options and leave you feeling empowered.

Our Commitment to Professionally Trained Doulas

Every doula on our team is uniformly trained by ProDoula, an organization founded on the principals of professionalism, non-judgmental support, and education. Our doulas are held to standards higher than any other doula agency in our region so you can rest assured that when you hire Lehigh Valley Doulas, you’re hiring the very best.

Meet our Team

Private, in-home childbirth classes

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